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We deliver preventative dentistry and follow up with professional advice to care for your teeth. We believe that this is the key to maintaining a healthy smile that is affordable to everyone. We also offer a complete and comprehensive range of dental services that caters for restorative dentistry, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, root canals, sports mouthguards, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease and dentures.
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 weeks ago
If you're stuck at home because you're playing it safe or it's a lockdown, you can always binge watch Netflix - but watch the snacks and don't forget your check-up says the ADA.

✔ Read more about why aussie kids and adults' oral health is getting worse according to the ada here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/australian-kids-adults-oral-health-set-to-worsen-as-covid-lockdowns-continue/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental4 weeks ago
Happy Father's Day! Warm wishes on Father’s Day to you and your family.
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental1 month ago
Cashless claims and payments are now effortless with the Apple Pay and Wallet apps.

Just download them on your iPhone or Apple Watch, and tap 'n' claim on our HICAPS terminal. You'll need to be an eligible member with Medibank, Bupa, nib, GU Health and HBF for now, but other health funds are catching up soon.

✔ Tap the apple pay and wallet app icon to install or download the app here: https://www.apple.com/au/apple-pay/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 months ago
Everybody knows that brushing your teeth, flossing and rinsing are the best ways to maintain good oral health.

A lesser known fact is that saliva plays an equally important role too. And when your saliva flow is reduced, you can experience a lot of oral health problems.

✔ read more about the role of saliva in maintaining oral health and preventing gum disease, here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/saliva-your-teeths-natural-protection/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 months ago
South East Queensland region has entered an extended lockdown until 4pm Sunay 8 August.

Following the Australian Dental Association safety measures, our main branch TC Dental Group at Upper Mt Gravatt is open to provide essential dental treatments and dental emergencies only.

✔ Address: 664 Kessels Rd Upper Mt Gravatt Brisbane Qld 4122.
Please read our latest covid-19 update here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/covid-19-update/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental3 months ago
Due to Brisbane's 3 day lockdown - from 6 pm, Tuesday 29 June to 6pm, Friday 2 July - Everyday Smiles Dental Practice will be closed as a safety measure. However, TC Dental Group, our head office branch, will be open for dental emergencies and can provide essential dental treatment by appointment.

✔ Please contact TC Dental, 664 Kessels Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt, Brisbane on (07) 3349 9334 to book. https://tcdentalgroup.com.au/contact-us/

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