Diet & nutrition for Dental Health Week 2019


Dental Health Week 2019 runs from the 5th to the 11th of August. That means today is the day the fun starts!

To help promote this special week, we are taking a look at one of the key oral health messages that the Australian Dental Association (ADA) would like us to keep in mind – our diet and nutrition.

One of the key findings in the ADA’s recent 2018 Australian Oral Health Tracker report card for both adults and children/teens is our nationwide habit of consuming too many foods and beverages with added sugar.

Sugar destroys your teeth

Eating and drinking too much added sugar causes a number of preventable oral diseases, such as tooth decay, tooth erosion, enamel loss and cavities. In short, sugar destroys your teeth over time!

According to the ADA report, Australian’s have a worrying habit when it comes to consuming sugar. The following segments of our population consumed too much sugar:

  • 70.3% of children (aged 9-13 years)
  • 73.1% of young people (aged 14-18 years)
  • 47.8% of adults (aged 19+ years)

Tooth-friendly diet and nutrition for life

The key steps that the ADA would like us to follow as part of a maintaining good oral health and a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Choose water over any other beverage as your main drink, and drink a lot of it. Don’t forget to include tap water because of its fluoride benefits.
  • Limit your snacks. Saliva takes time to neutralise the negative effects of certain foods and drinks on your teeth. If you “graze”, your mouth is in a constant acidic state which promotes bacteria and leeches minerals from your tooth enamel.
  • Watch out for foods with hidden sugars. We all know about sweets and soft drinks but it’s the snack foods with hidden, sticky sugars and refined carbs that you have to watch out for. These include crisps, crackers, breakfast cereals, biscuits and dried fruit. Avoid prolonged snacking and rinse your mouth after eating, or…
  • Chew gum. Chew SUGAR-FREE, non-citrus flavoured gum after eating or snacking. In addition to the cleansing qualities of gum, increased saliva flow while chewing it helps to clear and neutralise acids in your mouth faster.


Diet & Nutrition Pro tips for Dental Health


The Australian Dental Association(ADA) 2019 Report

2018 Australian Health Tracker Report Card for adults

2018 Australian Health Tracker Report Card for children and teens

Source: Australian Dental Association (ADA)