Dental implant technology has come a long way…

Dental implants have been one of the most important developments in dental technology over the last 40 years. Before they were introduced, removable dentures were the usual options for replacing individual and partial/full rows of missing teeth.


However over time, dental implants have trumped dentures as a solution for many tooth-loss related issues. As a result, they have increased greatly in popularity.

Everyday smiles dental practice – dental implant
3d rendering of a dental implant
So what is a dental implant? Well, it’s a titanium post that is placed into your jawbone. This fixture replaces the root of the missing tooth. After a few months, the implant naturally fuses with your jawbone. That’s the beauty of titanium – besides being lightweight and strong, it is uniquely biocompatible with the human body!

Once the dental implant has fully integrated with your jaw bone, a brand new replacement tooth (crown) can be permanently fixed onto it. Whereas dentures can create issues like trapped food, bone atrophy, facial collapse and loss of chewing force (up to 75%) – receiving a dental implant is like being given a brand new tooth.

Dental implants are bio-safe, permanent and stabilise your jawbone – preventing bone loss. This helps maintain your jawbone’s shape and density. And, in turn, supports your gum tissues, cheeks and lips. In other words, dental implants will allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.

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