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We deliver preventative dentistry and follow up with professional advice to care for your teeth. We believe that this is the key to maintaining a healthy smile that is affordable to everyone. We also offer a complete and comprehensive range of dental services that caters for restorative dentistry, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, root canals, sports mouthguards, cosmetic dentistry, gum disease and dentures.
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental3 days ago
Due to the escalating COVID-19 situation & new Australian Dental Association’s Level 3 restrictions, TC Dental (Upper Mt. Gravatt) is OPEN for essential dental emergency care only.

Please note that our Complete Dental Works (Annerley) and Everyday Smiles Dental (Eight Mile Plains) branches are now closed until further notice. We advise all emergency patients from these branches to seek treatment at our main branch, TC Dental Group in Upper Mt Gravatt.

✔ The Everyday Smiles Dental team is always here to support you during this challenging time. Please read our latest update regarding our services for Everyday Smiles Dental here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/everyday-smiles-patient-update-re-covid-19/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 weeks ago
An important message from Everyday Smiles Dental

Dear valued patients,

To protect you, your family and our staff from the Covid-19 Pandemic, we are following and adopting preventative measures issued by the Department of Health.

We ask that you kindly reschedule your appointment if you or your family are experiencing fever, coughing, shortness of breath, fever, widespread body aches (flu-like), sore throat, stuffy/runny nose, vomiting or diarrhoea; have returned from overseas within the last 14 days; and/or have been in contact with someone diagnosed with or being tested for Covid-19 infection. Your privacy will be respected.


To facilitate maximum interpersonal distancing, your next appointment may be rescheduled to ensure the minimum number of patients in our waiting room at any one time. Please try to be punctual for your appointment and limit the number of people accompanying the patient to one person per patient.

For new patients, we request that you pre-fill your medical history form online at home, via our website, prior to your appointment, so it is attached to your records electronically.

As the current situation regarding COVID-19 is constantly changing, we request that you confirm your contact details with us so we can keep you updated. For payments, we request eftpos or card payments instead of cash, to minimise physical contact.

For now, we will continue with our normal business hours. We will update you via email or SMS if there are any changes in the future.


We have removed all communal items that are usually touched and handled by multiple people throughout the day, such as magazines, toys and brochures.

Hand sanitisers are located throughout the clinic, so please help yourselves to these amenities BEFORE and AFTER your appointments.


We have always used ADA-mandated cleaning and disinfection protocols for all surfaces in our treatment areas. All regularly used communal surfaces in our clinics are cleaned at regular intervals daily. We adhere strictly to Australian dental guidelines on infection control, and we regularly review and update our infection control protocols as part of our accreditation process.


Our patients may be asked to rinse with a disinfectant mouthwash before treatment. We will be disinfecting commonly touched areas and all door handles at regular intervals during the day.
To stay informed, please check regular updates on our social media pages and via our website.

Facebook : https://facebook.com/everydaysmilesdental/
Website : https://everydaysmiles.com.au/

Your health and safety are of the utmost importance to us. We wish to thank you for taking the time to read this notice and for your cooperation during this difficult time.

Warmest Regards,

Everyday Smiles Dental Practice
Tel: (07) 3343 8226
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 weeks ago
Make your World Oral Healty Day pledge here: https://www.worldoralhealthday.org/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 weeks ago
The day dedicated to our teeth is coming. World Oral Health Day 2020 is on this Friday, 20th March.

Say “Ahhh” and unite with millions of others to make an online pledge to improve your oral health!

✔ MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE SAYING “AHHH” RIGHT HERE: https://www.worldoralhealthday.org/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental1 month ago
Being overweight has long been associated with tooth erosion - an oral condition in which your teeth surfaces dissolve and wear away. Now, English researchers have worked out the main reason why.

✔ Read more about why being overweight can result in tooth erosion in our latest blog post here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/why-being-overweight-can-result-in-major-tooth-erosion/
Everyday Smiles Dental
Everyday Smiles Dental2 months ago
If you are an adult male living in the country that doesn't have a bachelor's degree and is uninsured, you may be at a much higher risk of tooth decay & gum disease than everybody else.

The University of Adelaide & co has just released their results of their largest study yet into the oral health status of Australia.

✔ Read more about the state of oral health of all Australians here: https://everydaysmiles.com.au/new-australian-study-reveals-worsening-oral-health-in-the-nation/

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